All production activities of RESTI S.p.a. are currently carried out in the manufacturing plant of Terranuova Bracciolini (AR), situated at 300 m from the exit of the A1 VALDARNO motorway. Facilities cover an area of 50,000 sqm, 15,000 of which indoors, with 3,000 sqm occupied by exhibition areas and offices. The company has approximately 50 employees. The whole production cycle takes place in these facilities.

Despite the industrial organization, production is followed with the same attention reserved to craftwork by combining technology and high quality materials to the qualified “craft” skills of workers, who follow both products and customers with care and attention by leveraging the wide experience they have acquired in the field.

The key component of the EXTENSIVE commercial utility vehicle is represented by the innovative “POWERFUL” sandwich panel, developed and produced internally, which replaced “ISOSEN®” in 2006.

“POWERFUL” has an internal core in foam material with innovative technical features, offers a high degree of insulation, does not absorb liquids and is self-extinguishing. This core is assembled onto a frame in SS crushproof steel, external surfaces are made in an innovative and LIGHTER fiber glass and assembly is carried out by means of THERMAL MOLDING. As a result “POWERFUL” is a light and structurally solid panel, with a high resistance to torsion and flexion, which also stands out for its extraordinary aesthetics. This panel is then mounted onto the body of commercial utility vehicles, which is generally made in stainless steel like the side lower sections, fairing, wheel boxes and beams that support the doors, etc. The body itself can be provided in stainless steel version only on request.

The most prestigious line is the one with fixtures for food processing activities with refrigerating cells and counters, and generators, all compliant with current health regulations in order to ensure maximum safety and hygiene along with optimum performances. These fixtures are designed for vans selling porchetta, salamis and cheese, ice-creams, sandwiches, fast food, roast chicken, fruit and vegetables, raw and fried fish, fried and roast food, etc.

The continuous upgrade of production has also led to the development of integral booths, available in several models and with varying features, like the popular “SHOPPY®” with Nissan engine, the new “META®” with Renault engine, and the reliable and versatile “SIXTYFIVE®” and “JAZZ®” models with Iveco engines, which offer large exhibition spaces along with an original and unique design.

All the above-described activities are supported by the “technical department” that is responsible for meeting all engineering requirements and for providing a “visual” demo of the product to customers to allow them to view their “personal” commercial utility vehicle before it is manufactured. These tasks are carried out using CAD design workstations and involve creating fully detailed 3D drawings with fixtures and graphics along with the actual technical project. As graphics plays a very important role, specifically in the food segment, the company employs professional personnel experienced in the development and implementation of all kinds of graphical projects.

The headquarters also has a sales office that is responsible for meeting all possible customers’ needs, in addition to preparing customized quotes based on the customer’s requirements, and that is supported by an extensive network of agents who cover almost all the national territory.

RESTI S.p.a. EXTENSIVE also has two technical support and exhibition centers with new and second-hand commercial utility vehicles in Lumbardy at Cairate (VA) and in Puglia at Carovigno (BR) (for further information about these two technical support, see section “Agents/Technical Support”).