Think of the early sixties, when Italy was starting to “leap forward”, after the reconstruction period of the fifties, in anticipation of the “economic boom” of the years to follow.
It is in this period that IVO RESTI’s far-sightedness and passion led him to set-up “Carrozzeria RESTI”. It was in fact 1961 when he created the first body shop for the reparation, but above all for the manufacture of bodies for commercial trucks for the transportation of several types of goods. A few years later the body shop had however greatly expanded its activities mainly thanks to the economical boom of the sixties. After being damaged by the flood of November 4th 1966, which seriously devastated Florence, in 1967 the company moved to a new and more functional location, which was later to become the main center for the development of the key production line of RESTI SPA, that is the design and manufacture of the first “EXTENSIVE®” commercial utility vehicles.


LBy tradition Resti had always focused on special transport requirements and considered commercial utility vehicles for itinerant tradesmen a potentially profitable market opportunity. Although at the time this type of trade was infrequent, it offered several opportunities for technological expansion, in addition to the fact that tradesmen were becoming more exacting and demanding vehicles targeted to their needs.
This inspired RESTI to develop a truly innovative and targeted solution based on its technical know-how and customers’ needs. The first “EXTENSIVE®” commercial utility vehicles were launched around the middle of the seventies. Despite being rudimentary as compared to today’s solutions, these vehicles opened the way to further developments, that is to the progressive transition from iron to aluminum frames, and finally to the state-of-the-art “ISOSEN” sandwich panel.


The “ISOSEN” sandwich panel, which was specifically designed to meet the increasing market demand for robustness and versatility and that by the early eighties had replaced all previous materials because of its combination of lightness, robustness, versatility and unique aesthetics. Characteristics that are still today appreciated and clearly identifiable in the latest and technologically more advanced version, that is the new “POWERFUL” sandwich panel.


“EXTENSIVE®” soon became of the most popular items among itinerant tradesmen and a reference within the Italian market, mainly thanks to its combination of functionality, high loading capacity, simplicity of use and above all its extraordinary resistance to all environmental conditions. Over the years ”EXTENSIVE®” was naturally further developed and perfected through the introduction of several small yet significant changes, both in terms of materials (like the stainless steel bodies) and technical features, and configured to allow the assembly of several accessories (like double extensions and “Bancopronto®” system) in order to meet the varying needs of different market segments.


RESTI S.p.a. also supplies special vehicles for specific applications like mobile offices, exhibition vehicles, mobile clinics, vehicles for television direction activities, etc. In this specific sector technology and design have been combined into the “EXPOSYSTEM®” line of products that can be customized according to customer’s requirements and offers state-of-the-art technologies to expand space and use it more efficiently.


Resti S.p.A celebrates 50 years of activity and introduces new product ranges: Gaia® and Dadò.